LARPing in the World of Joe and Lauren Parzanese

Arundel Castle

02.07.2004 At Mid Year LARP
02.15.2005 At Dundracon

Written By: Joe Parzanese (with additional material from Matt Staley and Kurt Horner)
Co Gamemasters: At Mid Year LARP: Rinley Deeds, Jefrey Watts, Joel Schmaeman, and John Hostetter
At Dundracon: Rinley Deeds, Kurt Horner, and Matt Staley
# of Players: 25 - 32

    To Whom It May Concern:

    We the officers of the law firm, August and Howards, do cordially invite you to the auction of the estate of one Mr. Randolph Matigan. As you probably know, Mr. Matigan was a multi-millionaire who transported Arundel Castle over from Sussex, England to upstate New York. Sadly, Mr. Matigan was found dead of natural causes Saturday morning, January 1, 2004. Having no heirs apparent, his will cited that his estate should be auctioned off in a grandiose celebration of his life. The auction will be held in the ballroom of Arundel Castle on February 19, 2004. We look forward to your attendance at this event. Thank you.

          Daniel August and Josephine Howards

    Please email joe at polycon dot net for more information.

  • For those of you who have actually heard of Arundel Castle, this LARP is in no way based on it, or its history. I just thought the name was neat.

  • This LARP featured the return of several older characters including Jed Vozza, Heather Vozza, George Mason, and Mr. Guttman.