LARPing in the World of Joe and Lauren Parzanese

The Great Cow LARP

Written By: Joe Parzanese
Co Gamemasters: ??
# of Players: ??

Date To Be Announced Location To Be Determined

    The sun shined over the pasture on the warm summer day. Butterflies twitted on the rays as the cows peacefully ate lucious green grass. Happy cows come from California. And in this LARP, we ain't going to play California Cows!

    A streak of lighting moooved across the sky. Agent Bossy, the brown chocolate cow looked out of the bar at the rain soaked night. A rooster looked up at him and crowed, "I say How now, brown cow.". Lulu the dairy cow shivered next to him. "It's scarey out there." said Lulu to Agent Bossy. Agent Bossy, lifted his head to the dark sky and looked up at the full moon. "That's because the were-cow moooves through the night."

    Come join the livestock on Farmer Von Bill's pasture as they dream about the sunny days of California. Hear the legends of the were-cow and the bull vampire. Discover new animals such as the chocolate cow and the bullsheep. Descend into udder-maddness from the dread Cowthulhu. And spill your milk in search for the Holy Pail. Charlotte's Web never had it so good.

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