LARPing in the World of Joe and Lauren Parzanese

The Mutant Saga Volume 1: Antarctica

Written By: Joe Parzanese, Dave Oberholzen
# of Players: 31

02.16.2008 Dundracon

    After World War II, the first mutants began appearing. Most of their appearances were covered up by the various government agencies that ran the world, thus keeping the non-mutants mostly in the dark. Each country developed their own mutant research programs and in some cases, special military task teams made up of mutants and their non mutant handlers. By the early fifties the few mutants that have been discovered were relegated to either scientific experiments, military slaves, or rogue elements. Then in 1954 a signal was broadcast all over the world, a signal that only mutants were able to pick up on. And the signal originated from Antarctica.
  • "Mutant Saga Volume 1: Antarctica" is the first of probably five LARPs dealing with mutants. The five LARPs will go over the course of at least 80 years and probably involve some re-occurring characters. Each LARP will be stand alone, however, and deal with different aspects during the mutant timeline. No it does not take place in the standard World of Joe, and no characters from any of my previous LARPs will ever appear in it. It is it's own world. Hopefully, it should make a unique ride for the players who play in each part of it, regardless of if they play the same characters over and over again or not. Remember, however, that it will span at least 80 years, so the likely-hood of any character appearing in all five (or even really more than two) is pretty remote. Mutants just started appearing though in the 1940's, so there aren't many around during the first LARP and those that are, are mostly held captive by their respective governments either as special military task forces or the obvious experimentation.
  • Contact joe through email at joe at punk dot net for any questions.