LARPing in the World of Joe and Lauren Parzanese

02.06.1999 At Mid Year

Writers: Joe Parzanese, Aaron Kutzman, John Hostetter
Co Gamemasters: Aaron Kutzman, John Hostetter, Rob Berryhill, Justin Smith, and Cody Hudson
# of Players: 30

    A gentle snowfall had begun just as the PolyCon Express pulled out from the train station in Istanbul. It was February 6, 1929 and in just a few days the train would be stopping at Paris, where the biggest, richest auction that Europe had seen in almost a decade would be taking place. Passengers of all types were on board the train: those seeking to make their fortunes at the auction, those looking for that special item to complete their collection, and those with a far more sinister purpose.

    As the storm outside grew worse, tension mounted inside the train, until an argument over one of the auction items led to murder. When the trained slowed to halt as a result of an avalanche blocking the tracks ahead, passengers grew fearful as they realized that a murderer with a secret agenda was loose on the train. Rescue workers were on their way, but would they arrive in time? And what if the murderer was not caught by the time they got there?

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  • This was the first of many LARPs to use the GM Fiat system or basically GM decides. I have even seen LARP troups up in the Bay Area use it since they have been in LARPs that I have run.
  • Some Pictures from the original running of it.