LARPing in the World of Joe and Lauren Parzanese

The Butler Did It

Written By: Joe Parzanese
Co Gamemasters: Alex Baker
# of Players: 18

09.03.2005 Conquest SF 2005
01.20.2007 At Mid Year

    It's the annual Butler convention and tragedy has struck! The key-note speaker, Ryan Isaac Peabody, a butler for over 50 years, has been murdered. The butlers are all detained until the murder can be solved, but their rich and influential employes, unable to survive life on their own, hire the best detectives in the world to solve the murder as quickly as possible. But will the over-exaggerated reputations of the detectives and their eagerness to solve the mystery first interfere with the investigation?
  • A tongue and cheek humor LARP where everyone is either 1) a butler 2) a famous detective or 3) the detective's assistant
  • original concept came from a Far Side comic melded together with Murder by Death
  • Features the return of Chambers from Carleth-Vandenberg Expedition