LARPing in the World of Joe and Lauren Parzanese

Carleth-Vandenberg Expedition

01.18.2003 At Winter Minicon
05.24.2003 At Kublacon 2003
09.02.2006 At Conquest SF 2006

Writers: Joe Parzanese with Kurt Horner and Matt Staley
Co Gamemasters: Kurt Horner and Matt Staley; at Conquest: Alex Baker
# of Players: 11 - 19

    Twenty-six years ago, Andrew Carleth and his expedition disappeared in search of the lost Island of Poly-Conia. Now in 1938, a new expedition, the Carleth-Vandenberg Expedition, is searching for them. But disaster stuck, their ship crashed off the coast of Poly-Conia, stranding thirteen survivors on the foreign shores of the strange island. An island with an evil past.
  • There are two versions of this LARP. Originally it got slated for 14 people, but then due to time constraints, it was cut down to 11. However, on January 18th, 2003 at the Winter Minicon, we quickly added in another plot line and raised the number to 13. Eventually when the LARP was finished it was able to hold 15 - 19 people.
  • This LARP was originally planned for Dundracon. It was to be playtested first at the Spring Minicon. Dundracon somehow lost the email with my game submission and refused to schedule me when I contacted them.
  • The character, Amy Wentworth, first appeared in Murder on the PolyCon Express and was originally played by my sister, Gina.
  • Jose Guerro was a last minute addition to the game which makes the final version work best as either a 18 or 19 person game.