LARPing in the World of Joe and Lauren Parzanese

Poly Conspiracy

02.03.2001 At Mid Year LARP

Writers: Joe Parzanese and Travis Mooney
Co Gamemasters: Joel Butler and Ryan Chapman
# of Players: 25, 5 groups of 5

    January 26, 1964

    I am very displeased with world events as of late. The assassination of President John F Kennedy was not approved of and also handled inappropriately. Therefore I am demanding an explanation. You have been invited to a special meeting on February 3rd. The meeting will be held in Chumash Auditorium and it will start promptly at 11:00 AM. At 11:15 AM the doors will automatically lock you in. I will allow the meeting a one hour dinner break, but at 8:30 PM, an associate of mine will show up to demand an answer. And an answer you must give. You will all probably remember hearing about that meeting on the Orient Express in 1896, the one where no one was on the train when it arrived at the station. They did not give me an answer. I had great plans for John F Kennedy and his death did not work with the overall plan. Therefore you must be in attendance at this meeting and an explanation is called for. I have inclosed a copy of the guest list below for your perusal.

    - The Black Prophet

  • Hormellians were originally created by John Kuesters and Mike Thomas for the PolyCon XII LARP. They disappeared after some minor references in the PolyCon XIV LARP. This was their first appearance since then. They would later reappear to the horror of everyone concerned in Nowhere, Nevada Pop: 18.
  • Travis played the original Hormellian, Adam Spam, for which there is a buttonmen for.
  • Rodentius Smartamus Maximus were based off of the Proleteriat Rats in PolyCon University, the LARP at the 2nd Mid Year (1998). In that LARP, Travis was a GM, and I was the original super rat.
  • This was the first LARP to introduce the alien races of the Roswellians and the Trifids.
  • A Pink Cadillac just fell out of orbit and crushed several Mobsters?!
  • Come quickly, that fat f*ck, Teddy Kennedy's drunk, and he just smashed William Randolph Hearst over the head with a whiskey bottle!
  • This is my rat, Checkers. -- Richard Nixon
  • Joe, I better not be a Malkavian vampire who thinks he's Saint Peter and is looking for vampires.
  • How fast can you eat a body with a Brazilian Brain Spork
  • Uh yea we need some cleaning supplies to mop up all this blood.
  • There's a flying saucer floating over Dallas with the words Good Year on the side and the Confederate flag on the bottom. And it's tractor beaming up a dead body.
  • Who launched nukes from Cuba? - all heads turn towards Castro