LARPing in the World of Joe and Lauren Parzanese

Nowhere, Nevada Pop: 18

06.28.2002 At PolyCon XX
05.24.2002 At Kublacon

Writer: Joe Parzanese
Co Gamemasters: At PolyCon - Matt Staley; at Kublacon - Rinley Deeds
# of Players: 18

    Welcome to Nowhere, Nevada: Population 18. It's usually pretty tame here, especially since there's only a few buildings and a few stores. Even that secret research facility put here by Uncle Sam a few years back didn't cause much of a stir. Course that was then, and now in the middle of October 1957, the Commies got Sputnik, and I'm sure those lights I've seen overhead at night are it spying on us.

    Mary Sue thinks the lights got something to do with the recent deaths of the cattle, but I know them lights are from the Ruskies. I can tell them boys over at the research center think so too. They've all been in a tizzy since the light first went over. But either way, I got a bar to run, and liquor to sell, and there's no way I'm gonna leave any of it for the Commies if they invade. So drink up, take it to your bomb shelter, please don't let it go to waste, Sputnik's watching.

  • This was a 50's Alien piece.
  • The alien races that appeared in this LARP last appeared in PolyConspiracy.
  • During PolyCon, Travis Mooney, the 1st Hormellian, Adam Spam, back in PolyCon XII got to play the Hormellian in this LARP.
  • Also during PolyCon, John Kusters and Mike Thomas, the original creators of the Hormellians, got to play the parts of the Roswellian and the megalo-maniacal Dr. Luban respectively.
  • At Kublacon, a husband-wife team got to play Dr. Luban and the Roswellian respectively. The wife (the Roswellian) blew a large hole in the midsection of her husband (Dr. Luban).