LARPing in the World of Joe and Lauren Parzanese

Project Nautilus

08.30.2003 At Conquest 2003
06.27.2003 At PolyCon XXI

Written By: Joe Parzanese
Co Gamemasters: Rinley Deeds with Jef Watts at Conquest
# of Players: 18

    In 1929, the plans to Operation Ocelot were lost, the programmed assassin was killed, spies and ambassadors from both Russia and Britain were slaughtered, and the world reknowned super-agent, Gabriel, disappeared. All in a single day.

    Since then spies and agents throughout the world have played a very dangerous game. The environment has changed, sides have been re-arranged, tension has been building, countries and their agencies have been fighting a silent war. A war that now in 1934 has led to Project Nautilus. A project that might just destroy the world as we know it.

  • The events that happened in 1929 originally happened in the Murder on the PolyCon Express.
  • Mr. Guttman and James Paris return from the Murder on the PolyCon Express.
  • The daughter of the original Gabriel character appears in this LARP.