LARPing in the World of Joe and Lauren Parzanese

The Vozza Legacy

09.05.2010 At Pacificon
07.04.2009 At PolyCon
04.13.2002 At Spring Minicon
02.17.2002 At Dundracon

Written By: Joe Parzanese
Co Gamemasters: at Dundracon - Dave Kirkhart, at the Minicon - no one
# of Players: 14

    The Vozza family was a rich and powerful family. Tied together more through money than through blood, their legacy was long and tumultuous. So when the police labeled the death of Michael Vozza in 1933 both mysterious and accidental no one was really surprised. When his will turned up, giving his youngest son, Kristian Vozza, the lions share of his wealth, many people were surprised.

    Now in 1935, Kristian lies on his death-bed, the victim of an unfortunate motor-car accident. Both friends and family have gathered at the Vozza Estate to see his dying hours. The Vozza legacy is a LARP of horror and mystery, of murder and magic, of money and family.

  • The character, Father Jacob Mayhew, first appeared in the Murder on the PolyCon Express and was originally played by Eric Aldrich.
  • Eric reprised his role at the Spring Minicon, again playing Father Jacob Mayhew.
  • Steven Vozza, the dead child from the LARP, was the name stolen by the con-artist in the Murder on the PolyCon Express.
  • Finally Michael Vozza, Jr.'s wife was the sister of the murder victim, Richard Isaac Prescott, in Murder on the PolyCon Express
  • Otherworld Creations expressed an interest in turning the LARP into a module for their D20 Pulp game, Forbidden Kingdoms.