LARPing in the World of Joe and Lauren Parzanese

History in my LARPs

Sultan Nur ad-Din of Aleppo makes and gives Maltese Poly to the Pope. It was meant as an insult to the Pope for the recent crusade. The Pope in his immense rage dropped the heavy figure, thus breaking his own foot. This insult provoked the second crusade not five years later. The Pope gave the dragon figure to an Archbishop in order to dispose of it. The Archbishop sold it to an emissary of a Sicilian Pirate named Roger the II. When Roger the II was using the Norman fleets to plunder Thebes, the Maltese Poly was lost en route. It ended up somewhere on the coasts of Malta. (PCE)
Arundel Castle is completed by the Arundel family. (AC)
Zachary Childress, leader of the Order of the Velvet Night takes over Arundel Castle. Through acts of deception, a druidic movement that practiced ritual sacrifice and worship of dark gods, claims the castle, while the patriarch of the castle is away. The leader of this movement is an Englishman called Zachary Childress. (AC)
In order to get closer to some of the dark powers that they worship, Zachary Childress opens a portal to a shadow world formed in the dungeon area of Arundel Castle, the portal surrounded by five stones. The portal is created when Zachary Childress sacrifices Father Rodriguez Bayha. Sadly Childress taps into power he could never have imagined and begins formulating a plan to merge the shadow world with the real world. (AC)
Drawn by the negative energy of the place, Ari, the sea serpent, moves into the moat of Arundel Castle. (AC)
Timothy Arundel leads his men against Arundel Castle and retakes it, removing the Order of the Velvet Night's influence. Childress flees the castle. (AC)
Lord Eric Arundel and Lady Tatyanna take over Arundel Castle after Timothy dies in battle (AC)
  • Lady Tatyanna commits suicide after Sir Victor Wellington, secretly working for Childress, returns from a battle stating that Lord Eric died. Lord Eric leaves the field of battle to return to Arunel Castle, and confronts Victor. An epic battle ensues wherein Eric kills Victor. Without Lord Eric at the battle, his troops are overrun and the enemy sacks the castle killing Lord Eric. (AC)

  • After being sacked Arundel Castle lies vacant, but it is secretly controlled by the Order of the Velvet Night. (AC)
  • 1543
    William Arundel, a leader in a strange death cult, moves into Arundel Castle. His brother Francis Arundel and their wives also move in with him. The Arundel's once again lay claim to the castle, but this time with much darker motives. (AC)
    The Ottoman Turks invade Malta and in the confusion the Maltese Poly disappeared. (PCE)
    Jose Guerro is born. (CVE)
    William and Francis Arundel sacrifice their wives in order to cheat death. Both begin accumulating occult knowledge in attempts to elevate themselves to a higher level a.k.a. lichdom. (AC)
    A Spanish ship arrives at the Island of PolyConia to colonize it and convert the natives to Catholicism. Disaster strikes and several of the Spanish are killed. Jose Guerro, a Spanish cabin boy, is sacrificed to HeKthllyck. (CVE)
    A Tibetan Monk gives the Maltese Poly to Faysal Markhar's ancestors. (PCE)
    Craig Trask is born. (GG)
    The rise of Islamic fundamentalism causes Markhar's family to lose the Maltese Poly. (PCE)
    William Arundel, seeing Francis Arundel as a threat and believing that to kill him would make him more powerful, locks his brother away forever in the basement of Arundel Castle. Since Francis can't die of old age or mal-nourishment, he stays in there growing bitterer every day. William continues his studies, seeking to move onto the next level. (AC)
    Mason Stockwell, the Arundel's butler, accidentally stumbles upon Francis's small coffin like cell. Before the horror can leave his face, William Arundel buries an axe in the back of his skull. (AC)
    William Arundel is cursed, killed by his current wife, Regina Salitado, and becomes the Ghostly Carriage Driver, ferrying souls to their doom. In order to escape torment in the afterlife he must ferry souls to hell, in essence becoming something like a ghost hunter. (AC)
    The Maltese Poly resurfaces with a coat of black enamel in French courts. It was acquired by Napoleon Bonaparte from the Turks at the convention of El Arish, concerning the French withdrawal from Egypt. Napoleon was very proud of the Maltese Poly and showed it off as one of his most prized possessions. During the Battle of Waterloo, in all the confusion, Napoleon accidentally dropped it. He was so preoccupied in looking for the Maltese Poly that he was unable to properly lead his men. When his army was forced to leave the battlefield, the Maltese Poly was left behind. General von Blucher of the Prussian army discovered the Poly on the battlefield. (shortly before being wounded by his own cavalry). (PCE)
    William Arundel's first ex-wife is ferried by William into the next life. (AC)
    The Hutchinson Family takes over Arundel Castle. (AC)
  • William Henry Harrison is elected President. (PC)

  • Robert Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's son, is born. (PC)
  • 1841
    After delivering the longest acceptance speech ever for the presidency, William Henry Harrison comes down with pneumonia and dies a month later. In reality, this was a manifestation of the Indian curse, laid down on Tippercanoe. The curse continued to manifest itself inside the body or Robert Lincoln, the man who would strike forth with the Indian retribution for generations to come. (PC)
    Francis Arundel's ex-wife is ferried by William Arundel into the next life. (AC)
    Marie Vozza, daughter of Sir Francis Vozza, is born. (VL)
    Michael Vozza, Senior, son of Sir Francis Vozza, is born. (VL)
    The Maltese Poly is given to the Americans by the Germans as peace gift.
  • Jed Vozza, another son of Sir Francis Vozza, is born. (VL)

  • Town of Devil's Plateau incorporated. (GG)
  • 1860
  • Abraham Lincoln becomes President. A man from South Carolina steals the Maltese Poly and hides under the protection of the local state government. When Lincoln demanded that the Maltese Poly be returned to the countrys capital where the national treasure rightly belonged, South Carolina succeeded from the United States, publicly announcing that they were protesting Abraham Lincoln. (PCE)

  • Rattlers, large snake like worms reaching 30+ feet in length burst out of the mines at Devil's Plateau. The town makes a pact with the Devil to keep themselves safe. (GG)
  • 1861
    Other Southern states believing that South Carolina was succeeding over slavery followed and left the Union as well. A Civil War between the two later happened. In the end, the northern states defeats the southern states, and Abraham Lincoln reclaims the Maltese Poly. (PCE)
    While Abraham Lincoln at Fords Theater was showing off the Maltese Poly, after just having reclaimed it after the Civil War, he was shot by a man called John Wilkes Booth. Booth, of course, made off with the priceless statue. John Wilkes Booth was secretly working for Robert Lincoln in a grandiose conspiracy involving the Confederates and the Catholic Church. Boston Corbitt, a holy avenger and demon hunter of the Catholic Church shot Booth while he was attempting to escape. However, since Booth was a vampire, he managed to escape alive, but without the Maltese Poly. (PCE, PC, GG)
    June 6 - Devil's Pleateau delivers six souls to the Devil as part of their pact to keep the town safe. Steven Smith's grandfather, a legendary fiddle player is one of the souls handed over. (GG)
    Boston Corbitt unearths John Wilkes Booth's grave and chops off the body's head. The body was not Booth's, however. (PC, GG)
    Andrew Johnson unearths John Wilkes Booth's grave and finds the head chopped off. (PC, GG)
    Robert E. Lee fakes his own death and retreats underground to the secret Confederate base under Arlington Cemetary. The Confederate scientists use steam-punk technology to augment Lee and keep him alive in his old age. (PC)
    June 6 - The town of Devil's Plateau delivers six more souls to the Devil. Shannon Murphy's brother's soul is included in the six. (GG)
  • Vic Winston guns down the world famous McClurely brothers. Ace ends up taking credit for it. (GG)

  • Boston Corbitt and the Catholic Church attempt to hunt down the vampire know as John Wilkes Booth. (PC, GG)

  • Bank robbers attempt to rob a bank in Oklahoma City. Boston Corbett leads a posse stopping the bank robbery and killing one of the robbers. Boston, takes off right after the robbery in pursuit of John Wilkes Booth, leaving Ace to take credit for breaking up the robber. (GG)
  • 1876
    Several bank robbers rob a bank in Denver Colorado. The robbery is bloody with several people being shot. Sam Austin's spouse is one of them. The Indian Jesse Joing Snake is injured. Jenny Edwards is infected with lycanthropy. (GG)
    Gamblers and Gunslingers occurrs.
  • With an English ship off shore, the volcano on the Island of PolyConia erupts destroying most of the native civilization on the island. Jose Guerro manifests as a ghost. Nathan Gators grandfather, Sydney Gator, acquires the Pendant of HeKthllyck. (CVE)

  • James A. Garfield is killed in a conspiracy involving Robert Lincoln, doctors, and the Catholic Church. (PC)
  • 1886
    Michael Vozza, Junior, son of Michael Vozza and Shannon La Bue, is born. (VL)
  • Boston Corbitt, Holy Warrior of the Church, is placed in an insane asylum. (PC)

  • Kristian Vozza, son of Michael Vozza and Shannon La Bue, is born. (VL)
  • 1888
  • Boston Corbitt escapes from an insane asylum. (PC)

  • Duke Albert Hutchinson as a result of his involvement with the Masons and disagreements about events in White Chapel is killed by Jack the Ripper. After three murders had happened in White Chapel, he began to question the Mason's actions. He and his wife, Vivian Hutchinson, are killed and silenced. (AC)
  • 1889
    Vozza Family purchases Arundel castle. (AC)
  • Regina Vozza, daughter of Michael Vozza and Shannon La Bue, is born. (VL)

  • John Wilkes Booth, vampire extraordinare, finally tracks down Boston Corbitt, a soldier in the Catholic Church's army, and kills him. (PC)
  • 1893
    After her child Steven Vozza dies in childbirth, Shannon La Bue Vozza commits suicide by throwing herself off the top story of the Vozza Estate. In reality, Michael Vozza fed the child, Steven, to his pet demon in return for the secret of immortality. (VL)
    George Mason is born. (CVE, AC)
    An anarchist hired by Robert Lincoln shoots William McKinley at a train station in Buffalo, NY. Robert Lincoln arrives on the next train to view his handiwork. The entire assassination involved a conspiracy concerning anarchists, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt. (PC)
    Charles Bradfield, husband of Michelle Bradfield, dies. (PCE)
    Kristian Vozza and Heather Murphy are married in an arranged marriage between the two dark families. (VL, AC)
    The Carleth Expedition disappears in search of the Island of the PolyConia. No one on the expedition ever returns. Andrew Carleth is possessed by HeKthllyck and kills his entire expedition. (CVE)
    The Titanic sinks taking with it a fake statue of the Maltese Poly. Richard Isaac Prescott and Michelle Bradfield were on board, but both survive. (PCE)
    James Paris and Mr. Guttman both try to kill Archduke Francis Ferdinand. Guttman wins and the Great War begins. Gavrilo Prinzip, the assassin hired by Mr. Guttman makes off with the Maltese Poly, but loses it in the ensuing chaos before being able to return it to Mr. Guttman. (PCE, PN)
    Russia's first attempt at making a programmed assassin, Eddie Harrison, fails. Mr. Harrison escapes thanks to Segei Ramius but do to drugs remembers very little of the ordeal. (PCE)
    Mr. Guttman tracks down the Maltese Poly to Adolph Hitler. Adolph Hitler had discovered the Maltese Poly during the Great War. During their meeting, he discovers that the Poly has been sold already to a rich landowner in Beijing. Mr. Guttman also convinces Mr. Hitler to go into politics. (PCE, PN, AC)
    As a result of scandal in the White House and rumors spread by the still alive Robert Lincoln, Warren G. Harding's wife poisons the president. (PC)
    Michelle Bradfield and Eddie Harrisons plane crashes into the jungle. (PCE)
    Amy Wentworth and Roger Stroud team up to look for the Maltese Poly. (PCE)
  • May - Roger Stroud loses finger to Larry Somersby and is then killed by James Paris. Amy Wentworth flees the country. (PCE)

  • June - Father Jacob Mayhew buries Roger Stroud. Richard Isaac Prescott while paying his respects to Roger's wife, the Lady Green, meets her maid, Jacquelyn, and falls in love. Harry Houdini and Richard later celebrate the passing of their dear and now dead friend. Father Jacob Mayhew's mother and sister are run over by Richard Isaac Prescott after he had way too much to drink. (PCE)
  • 1928
  • April - Richard Isaac Prescott, the wanderlust too much, leaves Jacquelyn to look for the Maltese Poly. He borrows money from a mobster, Vito Sabatelli.

  • May - Father Jacob Mayhew, out for revenge persues Richard Isaac Prescottt. Vito Sabatelli stops by Jacquelyn's place and discovers that Richard has defaulted on his loan. (PCE)

  • June - Lady Green and Jacquelyn continue the Lady's dead husband, Roger Stroud's search for the Maltese Poly. (PCE)

  • July - Miss Scarlet Bently, daugter to the British ambassador to Turkey, goes on a vacation in Easter Europe. She is instantly kidnapped and brain washed to become the perfect assassin in Operation Ocelot. (PCE)

  • September - A rich Beijing land owner dies mysteriously. In his will he donates all of his treasures to a Frenchmen named Louis Mouat. Louis plans on auctioning it all off and with the proceeds build an art museum in Paris. Sam Valentino, a conman, who had been working for the Beijing land owner creates a fake Maltese Poly. Through a variety of clues and coinceidents all treasure hunters searching for the Maltese Poly begin traveling to Istanbul. (PCE)

  • October - Richard Isaac Prescott discovers Senator of Mississippi's Matthew Pokorny's and Harriet Rockefellers illegal dealings. Having already spent all of the mobster's money, he begins to blackmail the Senator. (PCE)

  • November - Vic Winston, husband to Marie Vozza, dies by driving over the side of a cliff. The death was labeled either a suicide or an accident due to drunk driving. In reality, Marie sliced his head open with a meat cleaver and then made his death look like an accident. (VL)

  • December - An assassin sent by the Senator of Mississippi fails in his attempt to kill Richard Isaac Prescott. "Gabrielle", a free-lance secret agent is hired by Richard to both protect him and get to the bottom of the assassination attempt. (PCE)
  • 1929
  • January - Miss Scarlet Bently is re-assimulated with her father, John Bently, the Earl of Suffolk. They prepare to go back to England. Trotsky flees Russia. Sergei Ramius also defects with the plans to Operation Ocelopt. "Gabrielle" is hired to help the defector. (PCE)

  • February - Murder on the PolyCon Express Richard Isaac Prescott dies mysteriously by being both poisoned and stabbed. Gabriel dies, the plans for Operation Ocelot are lost, and the British ambassador to Turkey, John Bently, dies on the PolyCon Express. Several other deaths occur. Mr. Guttman acquires the plans to Operation Ocelot. The Maltese Poly is presumed destroyed. (PCE)

  • June - Gabriels daughter assumes her father's mantle. (PN)
  • 1931
    Lulano and Himehumi force Inuli to be exiled from their tribe. (CVE)
  • February - Michael Vozza, Senior dies in an explosion at one of his factories. Michael Vozza, Junior and Jed Vozza rigged the explosion. (VL)

  • June - Sally Winston dies in a house fire. In reality, her maid dies in the fire and is mistaken as Sally. Kristian Vozza set the fire. (VL)
  • 1934
  • June 30 - July 2 - Night of Long Knives happens in Germany as the SS and Adolph Hitler arrest and execute the SA. (PN)

  • July 22 The Bureau of Investigators as a result of orders from J. Edgar Hoover guns down John Dillenger. Unknown to Hoover, Dillenger faked his own death and later re-appears as Jimmy Hoffa. (PC)

  • August German President, Paul von Hindenburg, passes away. An election was held shortly afterward in which the German population with a "90" percent Yes vote elects Hitler. (PN)

  • October - King Alexander of Yugoslavia arrived in France for a state visit on the 9th. While traveling in a motorcade with French Foreign Minister Louis Barthou, he and the minister were killed by a Croatian assassin who was secretly created by Operation Ocelot. The Germans hired Mr. Guttman to handle the assassination. (PN)

  • November - Mr. Guttman and James Paris arrange for special plans for a new fuel to be stolen from the Oil Barons of Saudi Arabia. Gabriel is immediately hired by the barons to recover the missing plans. (PN)

  • December - Several German spies are caught in the United States trying to steal plans to a special propulsion unit. (PN)

  • December - Project Nautilus
  • 1935
  • February - Kristian Vozza, the son of Michael Vozza, ends up in an unfortunate motor-car accident and lies on his deathbead. (VL)

  • February - The Vozza Legacy

  • July - Heather Vozza sells Arundel Castle to Kenneth Sommersby. (AC)
  • 1936
  • May - Amy Wentworth and others arrive on the Island of Poly'Conia. (CVE)

  • May - The Carleth-Vandenberg Expedition

  • July - Marcy Sommersby commits suicide. In reality she is killed by her husband, Kenneth Sommersby, and his mistress, Heather Vozza. (AC)

  • September - Kenneth Sommersby and Heather Vozza get married. (AC)

  • December - Kenneth Sommersby dies of an apparent heart attack, that is really brought on by poison placed in his food by his darling wife, Heather Vozza. (AC)
  • 1937
    Heather Vozza stumbles upon the portal to the shadow world inside Arundel Castle and is decimated by it, turned into a ghost herself. (AC)
    During an attempt to merge Arundel Castle with the shadow world, the castle is temporarily transported to France. Lawrence Hayes and his troop of soldiers hole up in the castle and die as a result of Hayes's cowardice. Captain Heinrich Schultz commands the German soldiers that storm the castle. (AC)
    Franklin Delanor Roosevelt is exposed to a rare experimental disease and dies. (PC)
  • July - Roswellians, strange aliens from the planet Roswell, land in Roswell, New Mexico. Their navigator was drunk on Roswellian ale and got confused. (PC, NN)
  • 1948
  • Elvis is abducted by the Roswellian aliens and replaced. (PC)

  • The Brazillian 4th Reich is formed. (PC)

  • Arundel Castle is retaken by Zachary Childress and the Order of Velvet Night. The druids begin gathering items of power for use with the shadow portal. (AC)
  • 1950
  • August - Hormelians, a strange, hungry race of aliens from the planet Hormel, discover Earth. (PC, NN)
  • 1951
  • The National Order to Colonize (NOTC) is formed by the Roswellians. The Hormelians are forced to join. The NOTC's goals involve colonization of Earth for use by the alien races. (PC, NN)

  • William Randolph Hearst fakes his own death and retreats to the sublevels of Hearst Castle to rule over his media domain. (PC)
  • 1952
    The Maltese Poly is brought by the Order of the Velvet Night to Arundel Castle. Casper Guttman and James Paris, of course follow. James Paris kills Mr. Guttman over the Maltese Poly, but is hunted down by the Order and killed. (AC)
    Trifids, an alien race of plants, fly out of a wormhole and crash on Earth. Two ships crashed. One lands near Nowhere, Nevada, the only survivors are strange round plant carnivorous plant creatures. Teh government takes them and sets up a science research facility. The other ship lands with twelve trifid soldiers who send out a distress signal to their homeworld, many many galaxies away. (NN)
  • September - the Order of the Velvet Night brings the Orb of Vilaktovia to Arundel Castle. (AC)

  • October - Nowhere Nevada, Pop: 18

  • Sputnik is launched. (NN)
  • 1958
  • May - The Butler Did It
  • 1960
    Members of Rodentius Smartamus Maximus take over and assimilate Fidel Castro. (PC)
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion. (PC)

  • Rodentius Smartamus Maximus assimilate Richard Nixon and Barry Goldwater. (PC)

  • Order of Velvet Night acquire the Pendant of Poly'Conia. (AC)
  • 1962
    Cuban Missile Crisis. (PC)
  • Marilyn Monroe dies when several members of Hollywood steal her unborn baby. (PC)

  • JFK is killed in Delaney Plaza.
  • 1964
  • February - PolyConspiracy
  • 1969
    The Bezeor of a Shoggoth is brought to Arundel Castle by the Order of Velvet Night. (AC)
  • The Lost Idol of Shum'bu'lala is found by the Order of Velvet Night. (AC)

  • Devil Fish
  • 1974
    Zachary Childress is banished to the shadow world by Randolph Matigan. Arundel Castle is magically transported to Upstate New York during Childress's ritual when it slid partially into the shadow world. Randolph Matigan takes over Arundel castle. (AC)
  • Stephen Catalano is in a horrible car crash and goes blind, but gains the power to see into the spirit world. (AC)

  • Heinrich Schultz attempts to visit Arundel Castle in England, but finds it missing. The shock and confusion does little good for the man.s health. Soon thereafter, members of his family involuntarily commit Heinrich to an asylum. (AC)
  • 1982
    PolyConspiracy 2
    Jennifer Murphy is killed by Mace Kruegar during one of the Order of the Velvet Night's rituals. (AC)
    Vivian Hutchinson, the dead wife of Albert Hutchinson is also ferried into Hell by William Arundel. (AC)
    Kris Schultz, New York stockbroker and grandchild of Heinrich, transfers Heinrich to White Mental Institute, an upstate New York mental hospital. Heinrich, now 98, clings to life, hoping that someone will vindicate him. (AC)
    Stephen Kodenburg's books about a serial killer is turned into a major blockbuster movie. It grosses hundreds of millions. (EV)
    Stephen Kodenburg goes insane and mostly catatonic as a result of a serial killer copying his books. He is committed to the White Mental Institute in New York. (EV)
  • January 1 - Randolph Matigan attempts to permanently close the shadow portal inside Arundel Castle, but accidentally releases Childress who strikes him down. (AC)

  • February 7 - Francis Arundel is released from his cell inside Arundel Castle by Simone Trasker. (AC)

  • February 7 - Arundel Castle

  • May - Echo Valley